"If you don’t work hard, have discipline, and receive the right guidance, your dream job will stay just that—a dream. Without having a strategy and bold faith, you may find it difficult to exit an unfulfilling job and follow a career that you can be passionate about.”

– Millicent



Be the Answer NOW - Book

In Be the Answer NOW, Millicent Martin Poole shares her journey of how she overcame playing small her whole life and morphed into a confident leader with the power to influence others to do the same. After a few wake-up calls, she made the choice to recognize her skills and fully embraced her God-given gifts. Her story shows you if you find the courage, commit to your dream, and trust in God, you can be and do anything.

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What Are You Really Running From? – Book

As a child, when someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, what did you say? I dreamed of becoming a teacher, but for you maybe it was a doctor or ballerina. Maybe you weren’t sure. Perhaps you wake up day after day, showing up on a job, just to pay the mortgage. And even in your success, you’re frustrated, feeling you were born to do more. This brings me to a big question: why aren’t you doing it?

What Are You Really Running From? is an empowering nonfiction on courage and fulfilling your life’s purpose, drawing from the life lessons of Hagar. It will inspire you to:
• Conquer the fears that have caused you to settle.
• Discover the rich potential that lies within you.
• Transition from where you are to where you want to be.
• Create a legacy that will inspire and influence the world around you.


Wake Up! - MP3


Do you invest maximum effort seeing relatively minimum results?

You were not created to sleepwalk through your days. God wants you to be awake to maximize your potential, enjoy life and become more of who you really are. In "Wake Up! Stop Pressing the Snooze Button on Your Life," you will be empowered through these five power-keys:

1. Break Strongholds and Destructive Habits
2. Power Up Happiness through Friendships
3. Learn How Exercise Can Supercharge Your Day
4. Learn How to Say No (Really)
5. Develop Momentum-Building Power of Focus


Experiencing His Fragrance – CD

Do you smell like Jesus?

Of course, He was a first-century itinerant teacher and you’re a 21st-century person, but if you’re a Christian, the question isn’t odd.

After all, the apostle Paul wrote, “We are the fragrance of Christ” (2 Cor. 2:15).

Through Paul’s life, Millicent’s testimony and stories of other women, Bible professor Millicent Martin Poole delivers an inspiring message on “Experiencing the Fragrance of Christ,” exploring the profound connection between our sense of smell and our spiritual appetite for Truth and Love.

You will learn to seek and savor the aroma of truth in God’s Word, then how to release that sweet fragrance of God’s love as an “aroma of Christ” throughout your day. Ultimately, you will experience the transformative power of His scent that it lingers on you, making you spiritually beautiful and impacts the world around you.

So, the question is: Would you rather wear Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo—or Christ?


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